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Frequently Asked Questions

What life coaching services do you provide?


Life coaching can help you build the skills and confidence that you need to identify and create your goals and then keep you accountable in working to achieve them. I am a certified transformational coach with decades of experience. My focus is on helping you practice self-reflection, identify your values and beliefs, and then build the life you want from that foundation. Coaching gives you another level of support to be all that you were intended to be. 


Just as your house needs various professionals to stay well-maintained (electrician, plumber, cleaning service, etc.) your life needs various professionals to do the same (dentist, doctor, life coach, therapist, etc.).


I want to work with you to help you grow and create lasting changes in your life. Customization is key to my work as I want to meet you exactly where you are and then help you achieve your next breakthrough.


What business consulting services do you provide? 


I help businesses accelerate growth and productivity while also increasing employee retention and satisfaction rates by learning how to have more positive cultures and climates that are inclusive for all. Just as I worked in school systems for decades to make more inclusive spaces for students with disabilities and even teachers with disabilities who I coached or mentored, I now help businesses be more inclusive and supportive of their employees who are neurodivergent (autistic, ADHD, learning disabilities), have a mental health diagnosis, or some other non-visible disability. Current research shows that on average, 1 in 5 adults are neurodivergent in some way while another 1in 5 adults have been given a mental health diagnoses. These numbers show the importance of this work, no matter how small your business. 


I provide both one-off support in the form of speaking engagements, workshops, and seminars and recurring consultative services where I work with your business to create actionable, customized plans to develop a more inclusive workplace culture and climate that fosters a true sense of belonging. With my expertise in disability awareness and access, I can even partner with your current DEI team to build another layer to the programming you currently have in place. 

Schedule a call with me to discuss business consulting. 


What is neurodiversity? 


Neurodiversity refers to neurological differences in our brains. Neurodiversity can include (but is not limited to) Autism, dyslexia, ADHD, etc. These are natural variations in our brains and what we refer to as neurodiversity. Those without these differences are called neurotypical. 

What is executive functioning? 


Executive functioning is our brain’s ability to plan, organize, control impulses, initiate tasks, manage our time, pay attention, remain flexible, prioritize, persevere, and more. Executive functioning skills cover a very wide range of skills that a person needs to be successful. The majority of the soft skills that employers are looking for are managed by executive functioning.


What is “adulting”? 

Essentially, "adulting" is using a set of cognitive functions that help us self regulate so we can effectively plan, prioritize, and sustain effort towards our long term goals. 


"Adulting" requires: 

  • Impulse Control

  • Working Memory

  • Shifting between tasks

  • Delayed gratification


What is a "non-visible" disability?


A "non-visible" disability is a disability you can’t see. The term includes individuals who are neurodivergent or have mental, emotional, or behavioral disabilities.

Do you host free webinars? How can I find out about them?


I occasionally host free webinars and will soon launch a podcast discussing a variety of topics related to executive functioning coaching, DEI in the workplace, and family advocacy.


Subscribe to my website and follow me on social media to get up-to-date information on dates, locations, resources, and more. 


How can I learn more? 


Schedule an introductory call with me here, send me a message, and connect with me on social media. 

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