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About Me

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Hi, I’m Kimberly, and I’m so glad you’re here.  


I'm a mother, educator, running enthusiast, and avid reader whose favorite role is that of “Moma” to my grandchildren, Jaxon and Dahlia. My children and grandchildren have always been the guiding force behind my motivation to be my best self.


In fact, my daughter and I created my business logo together. Orange is for ADD/ADHD awareness, green for mental health awareness, and blue for Autism awareness. The purple is just my favorite color. The elliptical shape is representative of movement: movement towards goals, advocacy, and inclusivity and belonging.

I’ve spent the last twenty years specializing in supporting people who are neurodivergent, have mental health, emotional or behavioral challenges, and learning disabilities.

I use my experience to help businesses become more inclusive and productive. I help adults identify and achieve their college and career goals, and develop their executive functioning and balance acquisition skills. I also help families navigate the special education process.


My Background


I had a difficult adolescence and left home at 17. I wanted to use my experience to uplift others, and share my story to show that our greatest struggles can lead to our greatest strengths. I knew I could make a difference, and have dedicated my career to helping others in a meaningful, measurable way. 


I’ve worked extensively with Autistic individuals, people with mental illnesses, and neurodivergent folks. 

I have dedicated my career to this work for twenty years.  


I was a recipient of the ING Unsung Heroes grant for my work in creating a Social/Emotional Learning program in education. I am a former Citizens’ Advisory Board member, and have published editorials in the Florida Today newspaper. I was also a recent Teacher of the Year award winner. 


I currently write my own blog, which you can find here.

The Realization 


Years ago, as my former students transitioned to the workforce, I realized that most employers don’t know how to adequately provide accommodations and support. Adults who struggle with executive functioning and other "non-visible" disabilities need support, accommodations, and help building skills to bring out their best, most productive selves.


As my former students make their way in the workforce, I want to ensure that employers understand ADA compliance is about so much more than creating physically accessible spaces.


I am an expert at teaching people to manage executive function and have been doing it for over twenty years. 


I show my clients how to harness the power within by identifying the CEO of their brain. I give them tools and customized support to access their full potential, overcome obstacles, and create their best life. 

My Work


As an independent consultant, I provide services in three distinct yet intrinsically connected areas: individual coaching, DEI consulting for businesses, and special education support and advocacy for families.


I offer various workshops, in addition to group and individual coaching. All of my services can be provided either in-person, virtual, or hybrid.


Contact me to learn if coaching is right for you, your family, or your organization.

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