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Business Consulting

As a business consultant, I provide a layer of depth most DEI teams are missing. I will help you implement best practices and create a truly inclusive workplace that brings out the best in all your employees. 


I help you learn how to increase employee productivity, satisfaction, retention, and ultimately, your bottom line. 

This work Matters 

Inclusivity in the workplace goes beyond creating physically accessible environments. Approximately 1 in 7 adults are neurodivergent, and 1 in 5 adults struggle with mental health. Most of them are hiding in plain sight in your workplace.

Due to stigma, discrimination, and fear, most neurodivergent folks won’t self identify. 


If these “nonvisible disabilities” are ignored, businesses lose out on the opportunity to hire and retain top talent. They risk creating a toxic work culture with high turnover. They also miss out on opportunities to capitalize on their employees’ strengths to improve company growth. 


Business consulting provides you with an opportunity to see your work through a different lens that will ultimately help your company be more marketable in this diverse, global economy.


I have over twenty years of experience helping organizations, from schools to corporations, learn how to be more inclusive for individuals with disabilities. I will show you how to create a working environment where all your employees can thrive. 


The Missing Piece

The primary focus of most DEI work focuses on race, gender, sexual orientation, and ethnicity. My work complements traditional DEI practices by focusing on the disability community. I can work independently or in partnership with your current DEI team to develop your team's talent, and grow your organization.

Traditional DEI work often leaves out individuals with non-visible disabilities, and those who are struggling with mental health. That's where I come in. 


I am an expert in understanding neurodiversity, and can teach you how to create an inclusive environment that fosters developing talent and productivity. 

Neurodiversity refers to neurological differences in our brains. Neurodiversity may present as Autism, dyslexia, ADHD, etc. 

Celebrating our differences 


Neurodiversity means people think differently and often excel creatively. These are natural variations in our brains. Those without these differences are called neurotypical.  People who are neurodivergent often have highly specialized skill sets, an ability to hyper focus, and find innovative solutions. 


These specialized skillsets can be extremely advantageous to organizations, but with these advantages there are also challenges. In order to thrive at work, these individuals need simple accommodations. 

Failure to offer adequate support to these individuals costs your organization productivity, innovation, and growth. 


Signs Your Organization Could Benefit from DEI Business Consulting:


  • High employee turnover

  • Low employee satisfaction

  • Unknown disability demographics (most organizations fall under this category, since many people don’t self identify) 

  • Employees asking for accommodations/ supports to perform job duties

  • Increased use of PTO days


These are all indicators of a larger issue that needs to be researched and addressed.

I offer customized workshops and action plans that foster DEI understanding, support for workplaces, non-profits, and organizations in identifying DEI needs.

Contact me to learn more about DEI Business Consulting. 

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