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Individual Coaching

“We can do hard things, but we don’t need to do them in the hardest way possible.” - Eric Tiver


As a coach, I’m here to empower you to live your best life. I will show you tools to help overcome obstacles, stay accountable, and reach your goals. I'm here to help you feel more confident, fulfilled, and achieve balance in your life. 

What I do

I help individuals develop skills to work with impaired executive functioning- a set of cognitive functions that help us self regulate so we can effectively plan, prioritize, and sustain effort towards our long term goals. 

Many people struggle with their executive functioning skills. Individuals with ADD/ADHD, mental health diagnoses, Autism, or trauma can experience challenges with executive function.


Even if you don’t fall under one of the above categories, you may still struggle with executive functioning, which impacts your ability to operate day to day. 


If you struggle with executive functioning, you often know what to do, but you struggle to overcome the executive function to do it. I am here to help, and to show you the tools to overcome obstacles, play to your strengths, and accomplish your goals. 

Dr. Barkley, an internationally recognized ADD/ADHD expert, compares executive function skill building to building a ramp for someone with a wheelchair. It's that important. 

Know the Signs


These are some signs you may struggle with executive functioning: 

  • trouble with organization 

  • difficulty staying focused

  • knowing how to prioritize tasks 

  • difficulty planning and following through with steps to accomplish goals

  • struggles with managing emotions

  • challenges with time management


Executive function is the CEO of our brain, and when it’s impaired, it directly affects our ability to thrive and achieve our goals. Imagine a company without a CEO- it’s chaos. 


Executive function is our brain’s ability to plan, organize, control impulses, initiate tasks, manage our time, pay attention, remain flexible, and persevere. Executive functioning skills cover a very wide range of skills that a person needs to be successful. The majority of the soft skills that employers are looking for are managed by executive functioning.

Work With Me

I am an expert at teaching people to manage executive function and have been doing it for twenty years.


Together, we will create custom tools, routines, and sustainable practices to improve:


  • Impulse Control

  • Working Memory

  • Shifting between tasks

  • Delay Gratification

  • Setting and attaining goals


I work with my clients to help them grow and to create lasting, meaningful changes in their lives.


Some of my coaching offerings include:  

  • Life balance acquisition facilitation

  • Support for creation and achievement of personal goals

  • Guidance for those who desire to embark on a career change​

  • Executive functioning coaching

  • In-person and remote support with life/ organizational skills for adults 18 and up

  • Positive parenting solutions 

  • Behavioral intervention support


Customization is key to my work as I want to meet you exactly where you are, and help you achieve your next breakthrough.


Your goals and dreams are closer than you think.


Contact me to learn more about 1:1 coaching. 

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