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SPED Support Services/ Advocacy
For Families 

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Navigating special education in the school system can be tricky. It's too easy for families to get lost in paperwork, lengthy evaluations, and be placed on long waitlists. 


If you don’t have an expert to guide you through the labyrinth that is special education, your child can miss out on services and support that impact their success, and ultimately, their future.


Families need help learning what their rights are, what they can ask for, and how to best advocate for their child to see results. Unfortunately in special education it is always the squeaky wheel that gets the grease, and it can be a tough path to walk alone. I'm here to help your family navigate the special education system to get your child the support and services they need. 


I have over twenty years of experience working with students with disabilities, and I have learned how to navigate this challenging road to get students access to the services and support they are entitled to. 


I offer services to help families advocate for their students, and provide resources so your child gets the support they are entitled to.

Some services I offer are:

  • Individualized plans for families navigating the Special Education process​

  • Customized support and preparation for IEP meetings

  • Support with remote learning or home schooling​

Contact me here to learn more about family support and advocacy services. 

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