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Kelli S, Chicago

“Our company hosts a unique ERG that focuses on Body- and Neuro- Divergency (BAND). We strive to find speakers that can talk about inclusivity in the workplace in a digestible manner. We were recommended Kimberly Frey as a promising speaker, and we were not disappointed. Kimberly and our team were able to sit down and discuss a manner of topics when it comes to inclusivity in the workplace, and she had the knowledge and passion to help us share with our company the importance of being accessible and inclusive. We can’t wait to have her back next year to continue to share her expertise and passion with our team.”

Nick M, Chicago

"Kimberly helped me to become the educator I am today. She was always present to help me through challenging situations that often arise in special education. Not only did she provide solid guidance, she taught me how to be better at providing meaningful services to students with disabilities. Always going out of her way to be available to brain storm ideas for how to approach challenging behaviors displayed by students. Kimberly's coaching led to tangible outcomes that furthered the goal of enriching the lives of students with disabilities. Her impact on my young career cannot be overstated."

Jackie P, Chicago

“Kimberly came to speak to our group of mental health professionals to provide education on the special education system. She offered excellent insight and recommendations for how mental health professionals can work together with families and schools for the benefit of the kids we serve. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience that she draws from to offer an expert perspective. She was approachable, generous, and overall really great to work with!"

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