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Kimberly Frey is a passionate educator who firmly believes in the power of education. As someone who has worked in the field for over twenty years, she has seen first hand how children’s lives can be changed, for either better or worse, through the education they receive. Since her start as a Direct Care Specialist in a Residential Treatment Center, through her years as a classroom teacher, and now in her current position as a Case Manager responsible for ensuring that students with special needs are being supported in the best ways possible, Kimberly has excelled at putting the needs of students and their families first. As a consultant, Kimberly is now using that knowledge to help adults build their executive functioning and balance acquisition skills, families navigate the special education process, and businesses be more inclusive work places. 


Kimberly has previously been nominated for Teacher of the Year and served as a national delegate for the American Federation of Teachers. She was a recipient of an ING Unsung Heroes grant for her work in creating a Social/Emotional Learning program for her school, and she was a member of the Citizens’ Advisory Board who published editorials in the Florida Today newspaper. She currently can be found blogging about her various life experiences here.


Kimberly earned a BS in Exceptional Education from the University of Central Florida, an MPA from Grand Canyon University, and is a licensed teacher. When she is not working, she enjoys spending time with her loved ones, running in the great outdoors, traveling, and reading.